Martin Bento (explodedview) wrote,
Martin Bento

Draft Talk Backfiring?

Although I don't think this will be the prevailing trend, I just heard from some teenagers who deliberately did not register because they thought it would make it harder to hide from the draft. In this day and age, I think hiding from the draft will only be possible for homeless people and not long for them. It's not really a good reason, but I guess it was an argument once, and no telling how many may buy it now. Wish I had thought of the impact of this before. Nonetheless, with the huge turnout going on, I think an actual Kerry victory, both popular and electoral, is assured. Whether it can be stolen is another question. I suspect the Repug strategy will be to contest enough Electoral votes so that neither candidate gets a majority and the matter has to go to Congress. Nonetheless, omens are good, and I am optimistic for the moment, though I have been flipping back and forth on that count.
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